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As HFCY, we work with children and youth however at the moment we are taking care of infants between 3-6 years of age. These are basically orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC’S) who were selected from Bunyangabu county, Kabahango sub parish, Kabarole district- this is because of the high numbers of orphans in the area and the alarming levels of poverty where house holds hardly survive on $1 a day. These pupils were selected basing on our child selection criteria.


Main Objective

“ Our main objective is to provide basic necessities of life to the children and youth so as to transform the community around them and beyond. „

Late Adyeeri John Barozi

Late Adyeeri John Barozi: The Background of HFCY

The Chairman of HFCY met with the Late Adyeeri John Barozi in some of his education trips and they shared about the problems encountered in Lyembaire community. There was also a big number of orphans that arose due to the HIV/AIDS scourge in the area. Hence the idea of setting up an NGO called Hope For Children and Youth (HFCY).

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC)

ECDC started operating fully in May 2010 with 70 pupils aged 3-6. It was started to address the absence of early childhood learning schools in the area. Besides, guardians would leave the children at home until they reached the age of 7-8 years when they could then be able to move for 7-8 kilometers to the nearest government school for primary education.

About Us
A summary of "Hope For Children And Youth"


An exemplary individual contributing positively to society growth and development


To provide to children and youth (OVC’s) the basic necessities of life in order to transform the community around them and beyond

Why Hope for Children and Youth?
* The African child has lost focus/sees no future; there is a need to bring back hope.
* The increasing number of HIV/AIDS infected and affected children and youth see no need for a future; we are coming in to curb this down.
* Children and youth are the future generation and so they should be given hope to live.